WBF Nike Town, NY

In the summer of 2010, Nike, Inc. and USA Basketball brought the world's best basketball teams, pinnacle retail takeovers and top musical performers to New York City for the inaugural World Basketball Festival; a four day celebration of the performance and culture of the game of basketball.

Nike partnered with us to conceptualize, design and produce a retail expression of the festival. By Fusing superb product and creative environments, we were able to engage and capture the attention of local New Yorkers and visiting festivalgoers.

Flying Basketball Figures

The highlight became the 13 Ft. tall mannequins depicting the Nike athletes representing their respective countries. What began as 2D tattoo art, transformed through a process of modeling using traditional clay sculpting, computer animation and sophisticated CNC equipment, resulted in larger-than-life mannequins hand painted and made from high-density foam suspended from their 70 ft Atrium.