Flight Lab

The Jordan Brand came to us with a goal. To tell the performance story of the AJ 2012 through a mobile consumer retail experience.

The AJ2012 Flight Lab was born. The concept started relatively small…a custom built 40' shipping container. As LIT and Jordan Brand worked through the initial design, it became clear we needed more space to experience the story of the AJ2012. As the story grew, so did the footprint. Something big was needed…really big…

What came next was nothing short of breathtaking. Two 53' semi-trailers custom built to bridge each other like a puzzle to create 800 sq ft of space. With more room, the story could be told in a way consistent with the Jordan Brand. The consumer was guided through a digital interactive experience, a real basketball court and beautifully executed graphics showcasing product.

The AJ2012 Flight Lab launched 2/23/12 at the NBA All-Star Game in Orlando to rave reviews, telling the story of the AJ2012 in an environment that was just as innovative as the shoe itself.